About Us

Patchwork Place plays host to myself, my cat, and the Boy. So, here’s some back story for you.

I have a 14yr old classically / severely non-verbal autistic son. He doesn’t live with me. I am separated from his mother, and she’s in a different relationship. I’m presently / recently single. Our separation wasn’t messy… it was entirely amicable, and was the best thing for us.

When we separated (boy was 18 months at the time), we weren’t aware of the Boy’s autism. I had my suspicions, his mother was in denial. It wasn’t until after we separated that she finally raised it with the GP.  I have the Boy at weekends. Typically it’s a Friday tea-time pickup, Saturday bed-time return. I also spend a night mid-week visiting him at his mothers. I work full time, & suffer from mental health issues including depression, severe social anxiety & panic attacks, and I’m also ‘on the spectrum’ (fka: asperger’s)

This blog is my outlet. To explain to my friends what we go through together. To give insights to those who don’t know us and may stumble across this blog of what life is like for us. It keeps me sane… hopefully!

Followers, note: I don’t follow-back just for the sake of it. I follow things that interest me. Follower count doesn’t (count).

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