Brainzaps – the joys of SSRI withdrawal

Sorry for the 2 year+ absence…

Tonight I feel like a swarm of wasps have burrowed into my head & gone to sleep… every sound or movement causes them to stirr, and immediately my feet, hands & lips go numb til they settle again. These are what I refer to as ‘brainzaps’.

I REALLY need to get to the docs for a top-up on Monday.

The annoyance here? My GP surgery’s policy of no repeat prescriptions when on top dose. I know others who get 6 month supply from their GP – I get one month. I’m mainly on them for anxiety, but Dr’s appt is one of biggest triggers for anxiety… so the final week’s supply gets stretched out over 2 weeks while I do everything poss to avoid making the appointment, and then end up in this state, and have to waste NHS appointment slots unnecessarily as well as pay 12 prescription fees a year when others only have to pay 2.
Completely counterproductive & unintuitive from both sides – am equally guilty of being crap at managing this stuff. This is also the most likely cause for the SHITE week I’ve had with my brain.
Now… bollocks to adding banners to your profile to support mental health: make a REAL difference… someone come & squeeze my head. It makes it feel better.
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