Perky Day

Don’t know if it’s the citalopram, placebo effect, or just an up day, but awoke feeling quite perky today. Also awoke ridiculously early and have been doing so since I started on the meds.

My perkiness could well be attributed to the fact that theBoy was ill this weekend. A curious thing to say, but in reality when theBoy is unwell to the point of throwing up he’s dramatically calmer and easier to cope with. All his OCD, ticks, stims, frustration and self-harm stop and he becomes a poor ‘iccle bundle sucking his thumb quietly, wrapped in a blanket…

He spent from 7pm Friday til 5pm Saturday drifting in and out of sleep / throwing up / hugging a bucket, and requiring sympathy and the occasional hug (which usual lasts about 5 seconds before you’re shoved away with a “ta, now sod off and leave me alone” expression on his face). 

A weekend on the sofa in front of movies / scifi (Fantastic Voyage – 1966 – SUPERB film which provokes a lot of nostalgia for me)… interspersed with the occasional emptying of bucket and syringes of water.

At 5pm saturday evening, he finally stopped throwing up water and brought up a wad of… er… what I can only describe as stuff. This happening every now and again is inevitable what with theBoy’s pica etc. Wood, grass, fabric… it all goes in as soon as your back is turned for a split second, and I knew he’d been playing in his mum’s back garden for a lot of the week so suspected such was the case. Anyways, as soon as that came up he settled and finally fell into a proper 2 hours of sleep, got some colour back in his cheeks and managed to keep down liquids.

My latest abscess ruptured yesterday too (they only ever last 4 days or so before going pop these days… I think the first time one ruptured created a weak spot that now gives way like a pressure release vale, so now I’ll hopefully get a week off whilst the next surfaces). Last time round the co-fluampicil & clarithromycin gave me horrendous stomach pain… this time round – no such issues. Another positive! Also discovered the wonders of Gold Bond extra strength medical powder which was worked wonders in cooling the general area, and leaves one smelling like a Koala bear…

…so today I DO get to sit on my sofa with a grin on my face! Yay!

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Aspergers dad to a severely autistic non-verbal boy

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