A big hole

A big hole – courtesy of TwistedSifter

This is a big hole. It represents the timeline gap between April 27th 2012, and the resurrection of this blog on 13th January 2014 (EDIT: and then complete ignorance of it until 28th July 2014). That’s all.

For those unaware, i had to take down this blog as it got linked to by our local council’s tourism portal, and stupidly, despite the fact that I’m a seasoned geek who should know better, I’d gone into far too much personal detail. That presented some real risks to me, so the only choice was to shut the blog down and go offline.

Things here at Patchwork Place have reached a critical point over the past few weeks, and thus finally myself and partner have made the decision to fire it back up again and use it more. We need to vent, and sometimes venting at each other is counter-productive… so we’re going back to venting on here. It most likely will be excessively negative & dark and gloomy. That’s life for us, and we suspect many other families in our situation.

Talking openly about it is the only way forward from here.

About apatchworkboy

Aspergers dad to a severely autistic non-verbal boy

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