I’m Still Alive… (the journey to manhood)

HELLO!! Yes, I’m still alive! I will admit I’ve neglected yonder blog for a while… but, I have a good excuse.

I’ve been travelling the road to manhood. It’s a bizarre thing, this ‘manhood’ malarky. It would appear that I’ve been attempting to achieve it for quite some time, subconsciously.

It’s nerve racking, taking driving lessons. Even more nerve racking is taking your driving test. And more nerve racking still is having to take it multiple times. It took me 4 attempts before I finally did it. 4 attempts, for those interested, involves £305 worth of tests and £720 worth of lessons. For the mathematically challenged that’s a whopping £1025 just to get the bits of paper necessary to purchase a car (and then there’s the £2000 required to buy and insure your first car). Now, my first bike cost me £250, £300 to insure, and lessons / CBT / Test altogether cost £200. Thus proving indisputably that motorbikes are the way forward if you want to get on the road quickly ANC cheaply.

Anyways, tomorrow sees the start of ‘The Big Experiment’. Tomorrow will see the first time that we, as a family, take to the car and head off to take Boy to visit his grandparents at their house. Over an hour away from Boy’s (and our) comfort zone of our house.

It’s an experiment of many stages.

1 – We may not get there. If Boy get’s freaked out part way there, we will be turning back again… this will mean Boy will require phasing in to long car journeys. But we DO know he loves to be in cars so we’re hoping this stage will go well.

2 – Once we get there, we may not make it in the door. If Boy takes an immediate visual dislike to the strange surroundings on leaving the car, it will be inevitable that we get right back in it again and set off back. This will be heartbreaking for the grandparents, but they have been forewarned that this may be the case.

3 – If we do get in the door, we may only be there 10 minutes… Or we may be there a few hours. It all depends on how Boy reacts to the alien environment.

If all goes to plan, we’ll gradually lengthen each visit so that hopefully he ends up feeling as though their house, and indeed my parents, are on his safe-place & people list.

Meanwhile there’s also the knowledge that, if he so desires, he can turn off all bladder control half-way there. I’ve already planned to take ALL his clothes with us just in case!

Wish me luck!!

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Aspergers dad to a severely autistic non-verbal boy

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