Blue skies are here again…

Let trumpets play, take to the streets and celebrate, crack open that bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion… ‘cos the time is NOW!

Brace yourselves…

This weekend Boy came downstairs, and stayed downstairs… AND stayed dry… for the WHOLE DAY! *does a l’il bum wiggle boogey*

Yes, finally his self-enforced routine of refusing to leave his room appears to have rectified itself. All in all, this weekend has been generally rather brilliant. On Friday as I headed off to pick Boy up from his mother’s, my mind was wandering around the fact that the weather is shifting for the better. Bikers are back out on the streets en-masse. Therefore, Boy would probably LOVE to be let loose on his trampoline. As I pulled down the garden path on the bike, there he was. Sat on the trampoline exhausted after several hours of bouncing since arriving home from school. Apparently that day he got home, and just decided to head for the living room rather than his bedroom… and shortly afterwards headed for the garden determined to enjoy the weather…

It’s ace when the weekend begins on a good note, and this certainly qualified. I took the opportunity to join him and spent a good hour out there with him. So, how could things get any better than this? We arrived back at my place, where Boy and I proceeded to spend an hour playing air hockey on his iPad. More cheeriness! Bath time came and went with many giggles and tickles, seeing as I joined him in the bath. Bliss! 2 hours later, Boy was sound asleep WITHOUT any of his meds. HEAVEN! And he stayed asleep too…

When morning arrived, I discovered him awake with a grin on his face, bone dry! YEESSSSS! An hour passed whilst his breakfast was consumed, in bed, and then he got up and tottled off downstairs… WOOHOO! The rest of the day was spent happily playing, watching animated movies, and generally being pleasantly chilled and happy downstairs. By 5.30 he was beginning to get a bit tired and grumpiness ensued, but that was OK. After a day and a half of absolute unadulterated bliss, a few hours of whineyness is quite tolerable… and thus theBoy was returned to his mothers after a thoroughly enjoyable 2 days together.

To cap it all off, we went to see the most excellent Derren Brown, where I became paralysed in an awkward position for ten minutes… and this morning I had a perfect driving lesson ready for my test tomorrow. And this afternoon I finally washed the bike and sorted out it’s squeaky irritants, cleaned the sewer trap in the back yard, removed all the dead plantage from around the edges of the walls, and did other unmentionable but quite delightful things with @thinkingchimp. Now I sit here awaiting 8pm whence I usually head off up the street to visit my best friend and his missus, to chat about the week’s events with fralcanol and jolliness.

And perhaps best of all, I have the day off tomorrow, so 6am can come and go without me needing to be aware of the fact. I can lie in my festering pit until… Oooo… NOON if I want!

All in all, I can quite confidently say this has been the BEST weekend of 2012 so far, and hopefully sees the start of a whole year of brilliance n’ stuff.


I is in a good mood, I is. And I love it!

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Aspergers dad to a severely autistic non-verbal boy

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