Oi, Boy… SHUSH!

So this evening Boy has his squeally head on. This is never good. It happens every now and again… He has a day of excessive hyper gigglyness for absolutely no reason, and proceeds to sit there letting out the loudest, highest pitched, short-sharp squeals that you’ll ever hear. Trust me, I’ve been an active live sound engineer on the side for the best part of 18 years, and the only things that have ever sent my ears into a compression shock like this particular squeal is either 8kHz feedback thru in-ear monitors, or a firework going off in a 12ftx12ft room whilst you’re stood in it. It physically hurts.
Problem is, Boy doesn’t talk or comprehend language spoken at him either. So whilst on the one hand he’s simply satisfying an unavoidable unscratchable bitch of an autistic itch so to speak (all he knows is he has to do it), after several hours of it you simply want to bury your head in a bucket of concrete. Or stick soldering irons in your ears.

About apatchworkboy

Aspergers dad to a severely autistic non-verbal boy

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